Kodak HC-110 Stand Development

So, I’ve been researching more stand development recipes and came across a few posts using HC-110. So, tonight I decided to use the following recipe to develop R027. I will scan and post some examples tomorrow.


  • Presoak at 20c for 4 min
  • Kodak HC-110 1:119. I mixed 595ml distilled water with 5ml HC-110.
  • Develop for 45 minutes at 20c agitating for the first minute. Let stand the remaining of the time.
  • Rinse w/ water for 30 seconds
  • Fix with TF-5 for 5 minutes. Agitate first minute then agitate every minute for 10 seconds
  • Rinse with water. I use tap.
  • Dump water
  • Rinse with distilled water for 30 seconds.